Features : Dual-Billing


neuCRM has enough Features to fulfill the every requirements of ISP.

Dual Billing

Dual Billing or Dual Invoicing is new need of modern ISPs. Because most of the ISPs operating Franchisee/Reseller Business model.

In normal scenario bills/invoice will be generated by either ISP or by Reseller. But in many business ISP is providing Bandwidth, Reseller is maintaining local connectivity to the customers. In such cases each of them wants to bill on their own parts individually.

There are 3 kinds of billing option

  1. Billed by ISP
  2. Billed by Reseller
  3. Billed by both ISP & Reseller.

While creating Billing Plan there is an option to specify who has to bill

Let us assume we have the plan Configuration as below:

Billed Items Amt Billed By (config.)
Internet Bandwidth Charges 500 ISP
Static IP Charges 100 ISP
Network Mtce Charges 200 Reseller
CPE Charges 50 Reseller

If above is the billing plan setting for a Customer, then Invoice generation for different scenario is given below.

If Customer's Billed By Setting is ISP Invoice Amt will be Reseller Invoice Amt will be
ISP Invoive Amt:850 No Invoice generated
Reseller No Invoice generated Invoive Amt:850
ISP+Reseller Invoive Amt:600 Invoive Amt:250