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Features List

Tariff Plan options

  1. A single Bill Plan can be offered at Different Price to Different Customers by using SubPlans
  2. Upto 3 Levels of UsageLimit-Bandwidth combo setting. For example, a Plan can be 10Mbps upto 50GB after that 2Mbps upto 100GB after that 512Kbps Unlimited. In most of the cases first 2 Levels are commonly used. The 3rd one is optional.
  3. Dynamic Bandwidth configuration based on the Time of the Day and Day of the Week



  1. Financial related transactions Require 2 step verification for the Security reasons. The first step is Request Creation and second step is Request Approval.
  2. Credit Limit has been set to Employees for Cash Payment Collections
  3. Employee's Credit Limit will be restored while Cash Remitted by Employee
  4. Manage Customer CAF, ID Proof Documents
  5. Integrated with major Online Payment Gateway. If wish to use any Payment Gateway, which is not already there in neuCRM, contact us. We will do the Integration.
  6. A very nice web portal for customer selfcare.

SMS & Email Alerts

  1. SMS & Email Alerts to Customers.
  2. Customizable SMS and Email Templates
  3. Complaints Management
  4. Leads Management with Reminder option




  1. Network Node Management
  2. Customizable Multiple Taxes
  3. Invoice - Late Payment Fee added
  4. WiFi Hotspot Self Registration by Customer through SMS & Email with OTP verification
  5. Web selfcare portal allows customer can upgrade Bill Plan and do Topups.
  6. Configurable Permission on Web portal to customers
  7. Supports Global Timezone and Global Currency Symbols
  8. Configurable Date format for Global Use


  1. NAS Traffic Report
  2. MRTG Graph for User & NAS
  3. Simplified Migration from Other Softwares. Simply Prepare the user's data in CSV or Excel File. Upload. Done.
  4. Configurable user permission for CRM login. Every created user has specific Role. Like wise ISP, Reseller, Employee will get privileges as per the roles assigned.
  5. Not Limited to the above. We will continously add new features when our Client request



We are providing while label solution. You are free to use your brand, your logo !

White Labeling

  1. Your Brand
  2. Your Logo

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