API : Backup

Backup API

Database Backup

POST /api/backup/db

This API is for taking Database backup and Download. In API response you will get binary stream of data of the given Database. If your response has error message, you will get error message in JSON format. Otherwise the response will be binary stream. You may redirect the API response to file, inorder to save this backup.

Note: Only from serveradmin credientials, you can download DB Backups. While calling every time this API, a fresh backup is taken and downloaded and the result is not cached in server.

Input Parameters Required ? Description
userid Y CRM Login User's numerical ID value. Not username
api_key Y api_key for the above Userid
db Y Database name to take backup and download. Allowed values: crm, crm_archive, radius, auth

Typical API Call

curl -X POST $BASE_URL/api/backup/db -d userid=3 -d api_key="0f9895fb407c83e5ea128082098b47681aa75d6944576423c4" -d db=crm --output crm_db_20210504.bkp

Here the API response is redirected to a file to save the DB Backup.