Configuration : Hotspot

Hotspot Configurations

Configurations for WiFi Hotspot

Configuration Name Possible Values Applicable to Description
hotspot_default_subplanid SubPlan ID (Numeric) ISP, Reseller This Numeric ID of yournSub Plan. When a new user completing Self Registration, he will be assigned this Plan/SubPlan by Default. Please Note that this is SubPlan ID value not the Plan ID .
hotspot_enable Y,N ISP, Reseller This Enable/Disable WiFi Hotspot Selft Registration.
hotspot_reg_free_cash Integer Value ISP, Reseller This is kind of Welcome Offer to new Registrants. This amount will be credited to this new Registrant account as FREE Credits(amount). By using this credited amount your new Hotspot user can upgrade his plan or he can topup his data limit.

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