Features : High-Availability

High availability

Run a 2nd neucrm server for High avilability

We are advising you to run 2nd instance of neucrm VM preferably on different host machine. The primary neucrm server will be in Active mode by default. And the 2nd server can be configured as Stabdby mode server. You can configure these setting in Admin → Settings → Server → mode


What is Active Mode neucrm server?
It is the Default server running mode. While neuCRM is in Active Mode, it can be used for Live server, it will work normally.

What is Standby Mode neucrm server?
The main purose of Standby Mode is for maintaining Stand By neuCRM server. It is purely for Backup Purpose and it can be changed in to Active Mode Server at any time for live service. While neuCRM is in Standby Mode, it will sync with the any Active Mode server periodically (which you can configure). You can not use Standby Mode server as live server. Standby Mode server can perform AAA RADIUS functions for providing uninterupted service to clients. But it won't perform Billing/Invoicing, Validity Renewal, etc.

What for Active & Standby Mode provided?
  • In case of Main node failure, the Standby Mode server can be changed into Active Mode and it will continue functioning as Active Mode Server.
  • Or if you want automatic failover, configure the NAS for adding the Standby server as 2nd RADIUS server. You need to check with your NAS documentation for how to conigure it.
  • So the chance of Single point failure is avoided
  • You can configure as many Standby Mode Server with a single Active Mode Server
  • Usually you can setup Standby Mode server that can Sync with Active Mode Server. Anyhow it possible to Sync with another Standby Mode server also. With that you can have chained Link.
  • There is no need to get a separate Licence.
  • For the first time setup, Run another VM by simply duplicating the Virtual Hardisk file, and change the IP address. And now another copy of neuCRM server is ready. Make this new VM in Standby Mode.

Known imitations
  • In large sized organization, the synchronization process will affect the performance in Active Node. So it is recommended to triger the Synchronization only during slack hours.
  • During Synchronization process Database contents only copied. Logs, Backup files won't get transferred.