Features : Cash-Credit-Limit

Cash Limit to Employees/Resellers

Cash Limit for the all users(ISP, Reseller,Employees) can be set in Auth → Users → Edit

The purpose of cash limit is that, Every User who is having access to neuCRM has option to deal with cash related activities like Payment Collection from Customers

So when a user collecting and keeping cash from Customer, he could keep cash on hand more than his allowed limit

When a user reached his cash limit, he further not allowed to collect the Cash Or receive the Cash from other User.

Say for example a Employee has cash limit:1000 and he has collected cash amt upto 1000. Futher he is not allowed to collect cash from any customer. In that situation Reseller of that Employee must receive the amt from Employee, and make necessary entry in neuCRM. After that Employee's cash balance is Reduced and he can again allowed to collect cash upto his Credit Limit

Credit Limit to Customers

Every customer can have his own Credit Limit Value.

A customer will be Blocked to Access Internet when his Bill Amount Exceeds his Credit Limit Value. Which means that a Customer's Internet Service will be Blocked, when he is not paid the bill, and when his bill amount exceeding his Credit Limit. You can also modify this Credit Limit value.

You can set Default Credit Limit to Customers of specific Reseller/ISP.

When no Explicit Credit Limit was given, System will get from Reseller's Default Credit Limit. If Explicitly Credit limit is specified to a customer, the Default Credit limit value will be ignored.