What is neuCRM?

neuCRM is integrated softrware package for ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

It comprises of

  • RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial in User Service) which provides AAA (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting) functions through PPPoE and Hotspot Protocol to customers
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - for Billing, User Management, Payments & Accounts

neuCRM comes with Web front easy to use interface, which enables easy to access from any kind of computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

We thank our clients, for giving us valuable suggestion & feedback, which is the only reason this product (neuCRM) comes with full features.

Whose for this neuCRM


neuCRM is used in following areas

  • ISP - providing Internet Service to their customers through OFC, Wired or Wireless
  • Colleges & Universities - providing controlled internet Access to their Students by WiFi Hotspot
  • Restaurants, Hotels & Corporate Hospitals - for providing WiFi Internet Access to their customers and charging them according their Usage pattern

  • Access to the WiFi is Authenticated with OTP (One Time Password) through SMS and EMail. And Usage Log file generated, which is useful if any legal dispute arise