Configuration : Billing


Configuration is the only way you can tailor your neuCRM and make yourself Fit for your needs.

Since it has numerous configuration parameters, and can be grouped as

  1. Billing
  2. SMS & Email
  3. Non Payment
  4. Hotspot
  5. Others

Let us see one by one in more detail.

Billing Configurations

Configurations under Billing Groups are prodivided here.

Configuration Name Possible Values Description
bill_add_tax Y,N Add Tax amt in ISP generated Invoice/Bill
bill_header Company Name and Address Used in ISP Invoice
bill_invoice_due_days Integer Value Used in Invoice Due Date Calculation.
bill_late_payment_fee_enable Y,N Enable Late Payment Fee on Invoice
bill_late_payment_fee_min_amt Numeric [1-10000] Minumum Late Payment Fee charged Amt.
bill_late_payment_fee_percent 0-100 Late Payment Fee charged on % of balance amount
bill_late_payment_fee_threshold Numeric Only charge Late Payment Fee, if Balance Amt > this Threshold amt value.
bill_show_tax Y,N Show Tax Split up on ISP Invoice
bill_tax_id Tax ID Number It is a GST/VAT/Tax Id number given by the Government for display in ISP Invoice
bill_tax_setting Tax Rate Settings You can add multiple types of Taxes on Invoice.
print_receipt_on_payment Y,N Enable Print Receipt optoin, after making payment.