Frequently Asked Questions

neuCRM can be installed on any computer and the only requirement is that it should meet minimum system Requirements. If you are having larger customer data, must upgrade your server. Our technical team will help you for upgrading.
Basic system knowledge is enough to install & Run neuCRM. If need any clarification please go through the Documentation. In case of any assistance please contact our Support or by Telegram https://t.me/neuCRM . We will help you Install & Run neuCRM Server.
Yes. We will implement new feature as per our cleient request at free of cost. Please submit your feature request to our Support Team. After development & Testing this new feature will be publically availabe to all clients. On subsequent update you will get those features in neuCRM.
We believe that any software will not survive with out adopting new features over the period. The most of the existing features in neuCRM are suggested by our clients.
Yes, you can try before purchase. Thats why we are offering 100 Free Credits to every new registration. You can try/evaluate neuCRM Risk free.
You can Reset serveradmin password by using this link: For Password reset, you must provide your valid Licence details.