API : Introduction


API allows other software packages like IVRS, Call Center Applications to intreract with neuCRM in a secured way.


With the help of API in neuCRM you connect with any 3rd party Application which supports JSON API

The possible example is, When a customer calling your call center number, he could have the following options:

  • Register a new Service Request
  • Book a complaint
  • Get his account balance
  • Get the status of his Complaint
  • and many possibilities...

API Usage

API End point $BASE_URL/api/ Here the $BASE_URL will be or http://crm.mydomain.com
HTTP method POST and GET methods are usually used.
Input Request format Query string
Output Response format JSON
Authentication CRM login userid (not username) and API Key of that user is used for Authentication

Typical API Call

To make a test API call

GET /api/server/test

Typical API Call will be

curl $BASE_URL/api/server/test

The expected API Response will be

    "result": "OK",
    "error": null

Get Server software version

GET /api/server/version

Typical API Call will be

curl -X POST $BASE_URL/api/server/version


Get Server mode of operation

GET /api/server/mode

Typical API Call will be

curl -X POST $BASE_URL/api/server/mode

    "result": "active",
    "error": null

Get country and State list

API End point is

POST /api/server/country_state

Input Parameters Required ? Description
country N Country to filter result. Default: list all countries

Typical API Call

curl -X POST $BASE_URL/api/server/country_state


curl -X POST $BASE_URL/api/server/country_state -d country="India"