Features : Performance-Security

Performance & Security

The first importance given to Security.


neuCRM is built with bottom, with extra care for security, for handling all kinds of Internet security threats. The following are implemented on user data.

  • Filtered
  • Firewalled
  • Validated
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Sensitive Informations are encrypted
  • No worries about Data Theft.

So Stay Relaxed.


neuCRM is coded with Performance optimaisation in all sphears. High Performance is possible, because neuCRM built with

  • SQL Precompiling
  • DB Result Caching
  • Web Content Caching
  • Dynamic Class loading
  • Efficient Data Object Modeling
  • Lazy Loading of related Data models
  • Partitioning Big Tables
  • Query Optimization

If you are a big ISP and having large customer data and facing Performance impact on your server, please contact our support team, we will help to solve your issue