Features : Business-Model

Business Model

  • An ISP can have as many Reseller.
  • A Reseller doing business in their own Business Location.
  • A main Business Location is collection of multiple Sub-Locations.
  • An Employee can be linked to specific Location/Or Multiple Sublocations. He can manage customer profile, maintenance functions to Customer's of assigned locations to him.

Franchisee Model

Franchisee is similar to Reseller. The Franchisee is also Reseller, but the difference is that, Franchisee is Prepaid Reseller. Unlike Reseller, Franchisee must have sufficient balance on his Reseller Wallet Account

In real world, Franchisee is using the same Brnad name of the ISP. And Franchisee is Promoting business on behalf of ISP, for that he will earn commission from ISP.

Franchisee is the term we are using here to distinguish from Reseller.

  1. Franchisee creation is same as creating Reseller.
  2. While creating Reseller as Franchisee, specify Revenue Sharing=Commission Basis, and specify Commission Percentage.
  3. Invoice generation would be ISP Only
  4. Franchisee's Prepaid wallet would be Recharged by ISP
  5. When Customer under a Franchisee was billed, Billed amt is deducted from Franchisee's wallet account.
  6. Commission amt is calculated based on the Commission Percentage. And Commission amt is Added to Franchisee's Wallet Account
  7. Which means that, Franchisee would collect Payments from Customers. And he will pay in Advance to ISP then that Paid Amount will be credited as his Wallet Balance
  8. Franchisee is also has many limitations and restrictions.
  9. Franchisee is not permitted to create a new Bill Plan, But he can assign any existing bill plan to his customer
  10. Franchisee is not allowed to modify any financial related settings of customer

We are love to do any kind of feature addition/deletion/modification when our ISP requesting. Kindly contact us if you need any kind of alteration.