Remote Storage

What is Remote Storage Server?
It is just a file storage server. It should have necessary software for accessing files on this server from Remote computer in secure manner.

Why Remote Storage Server used here?
The main reason is to increase the storage capacity for neuCRM. neuCRM is Running as Virtual Machine(VM) and utilizing the Hardwares of Host Machine. To improve the performance it is necessary to keep the neuCRM VM as light weight. Files like Internet Access Logs, Customer Agreement Form, Photo etc. consumes more storage space. Also those files are occationally Accessed & Updated. Keeping those files in neuCRM VM will impact on the performance. So the idea is that move such files to Remote Server and Accessed/Update whenever necessary.

How to Access/Update Files stored in Remote Storage Server?
As a end user, you need not to do any thing for Accessing/Updating files in Remote Storage Server. neuCRM will do it transparently using underlying Technologies. Your only work is to enter the Remote Storage Server configuration and maintain the connectiviy to neuCRM server.

Fig: Remote Storage Server Configuration Page on neuCRM Image

How to Backup those Access Log,CAF,Docuemnt Files?
1. If Remote Storage is Not Configured, Files are stored in neuCRM Virtual Machine Only.
2. If Remote Storage is Configured, all above files are automatically moved to Remote Storage Server.

How to view/copy/delete files stored in Remote Storage Server?
You can view/copy/delete files stored at Remote storage server through FTP login to neuCRM server. On FTP root Directory, there is a folder called remote. This remote is a mount point for Remote Storage Server. The files you are seeing inside the remote Directory is actually available on Remote Storage Server.